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    Thank you for visiting my website. Since 1992 I have been working as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Now based outside Ballyclare, I am committed to offering a caring, confidential, professional service supporting others in working through complex issues. Please feel free to contact me if you would like additional information or you wish to discuss any questions you may have about the services I offer.

    About Jim Hall

    Over the years I have gained considerable experience in working with a range of issues including, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, pastoral care, post trauma therapy, addictions, bereavement or emotional loss related to life changes, illness or disability, loss of confidence or poor self image, life feeling empty or lacking in meaning, occupational stress or burnout, and psychological health matters, etc.

  2. Services

    Services Offered

    I offer a wide range of psychotherapy, pastoral therapy and supervision services from my office in Straid. I also offer an on-line service via Skype. These are detailed below.

    Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

    Couple Therapy.

    Pastoral Therapy.

    Individual and Group Supervision.


    Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

    Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a process that helps individuals towards a deeper understanding of profound emotional difficulties. It is focused on engaging the individual in a secure therueaputic relationship that explores unconscious aspects of emotional life which are usually unknown to the person yet have a strong impact on how life is experienced and lived. These unknown parts of the person get expressed in repeating patterns which are destructive or impair the persones quality of life. Therapy aims to resolve these internal conflits and develop new ways of living. ( NI.I.H.R.)

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    Couple Therapy

    Relationships are often our greatest sources of both joy and pain. Couple therapy offers a safe and neutral space to explore difficult issues in the hope that individuals can find and develop new mutually satisfying ways of relating to each other.

    Pastoral Therapy

    For Christians who wish to explore core aspcts of their life within a faith perspective, pastoral therapy offers a way of achieving this. Based in the core belief that God is a loving Father who has always wanted His children to live in the reality of His love, pastoral therapy has two main elements:
    Learning to live out of more of who God says He is.
    Learning to live out of more of who God says we are.
    For more information, see Fatherheart Ministries on the Links Page.

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    Individual and Group Supervision

    Clinical supervision is a professional requirement in working with others to ensure safe ethical practice, promoting professional and personal development. Since 1985 I have gained extensive experience in group and individual supervision in a variety of settings: psychotherapy; counselling; medicine; social work; youth work; and pastoral care.


    I have over 30 years experience in providing training in fields such as social work, counselling, nursing and pastoral care. I have been a recognised teacher with The Queens University of Belfast, University of Ulster and The University of Manchester.


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  3. Qualifications & Awards

    Curriculum Vitae and Awards

    With over 30 years experience I have gathered a few qualifications along the way. I have listed below the main highlights.

    Academic Qualifications

    Diploma in Supervision, 1999
    Central School of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

    Masters of Med. Sc. in Psychotherapy, 1994
    Queens University of Belfast.

    PG Diploma in Guidance & Counselling, 1988
    University of Ulster Jordanstown.

    Diploma in Social Work, 1985
    University of Ulster Jordanstown.

    Professional Awards

    Full Member 2015,
    The Supervisor's Association of Ireland.

    Accredited Clinical Supervisor,
    NI Institute of Human Relations, 2011.

    Registered Psychotherapist, 2004
    European Association for Psychotherapy.

    Registered Psychotherapist, 2002
    Irish Council for Psychotherapy.

    Accredited Counsellor & Supervisor, 1995
    The Association of Christian Counsellors.

    Certificate of Qualification in Social Work
    Cent. Council for Education & Social Work.
    Reference No: 2/85202

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    Straid, Ballyclare

    From Belfast Take M2, Turn off M2 at Junction 4 marked Glengormley and A8 Larne, Take A8 Larne off the Roundabout, At next roundabout take A8 Larne for 4 miles through 2 more roundabouts. Follow signs to Straid & B95, turn left and go over the flyover, Follow road for 1.5 miles into Straid village, In village Turn Left immediately after Stone Orange Hall into Ballylagan Road, Take Ballylagan Road for 0.3 of a Mile. Turn Right into Dairyland Road, Drive slowly as it is easy to miss the road. 23 Dairyland Road is 0.6 of a mile on the Right. House number is on the gate post.


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